Status of running shofEL2/Fusee-Gelee on Jibo

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Status of running shofEL2/Fusee-Gelee on Jibo

Post by Arthur » Sat Jun 29, 2019 5:30 am

Hello all,

I wanted to keep everyone updated on the progress we are making into breaking into Jibo. If you are not aware, last year, a vulnerability was discovered in Tegra chipsets (they did it on the Nintendo Switch which uses a Tegra TX1 processor) that allows hackers to bypass all security of the chipsets, and install/run custom bootloaders and operating systems on these Tegra devices. Jibo is based on the Tegra TK1 chipset, and this chipset also has this vulnerability. We are planning on using this vulnerability to break into Jibo.

Tonight, I have been able to successfully compile and run the Switch vulnerability. This is a good first step. Unfortunately, the Switch is based on a different chip (the Tegra TX1) and a different architecture (64 bit) than what Jibo has (Tegra TK1, and 32 bit). I am now converting the hack to run within a 32 bit architecture, and changing the code to know about the Tegra TK1 (technically it is a Tegra 124), so that the hack will work on Jibo. I will be testing the hack on my Jetson TK1 (which is a Tegra TK1 and 32bit) before testing it on Jibo. Once working on the Jetson, I am fairly confident it will somewhat work on Jibo (I may not have wifi access right away, but I will be able to query to find the drivers needed and build it into the OS). This will be a *HUGE* first step as at this point we will have complete access to everything on Jibo.

Once we have a working version of this hack, I plan on releasing it in hopes that others may join in trying to save Jibo.

I will keep everyone posted...

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