Why I Created The Jibo App Toolkit PDF

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Why I Created The Jibo App Toolkit PDF

Post by fixed1t » Mon Apr 01, 2019 11:04 pm

The HTML version of the App Toolkit is lightening fast and if your familiar with Jibo programming it may be the one you have up and running when programming Jibo. However, having spent three years co-authoring and testing three remote learning AI courses for industry at the UK Open University, I developed a strong ethic for what you say is what they should get. I find that there is no real margin for poorly explained and laid out teaching or training materials. Many courses I've bought and tried to teach others with were awful and said things like "type XYZ into your '>' prompt and you will get the following results as shown below" only to discover somebody had change the prompt to '++>' and the example was different, results different etc etc. If people are new to something, and at home on their own, referencing and testing is critical.

So I took the App Toolkit and turned it into a linked and page numbered pdf so if I (and hopefully others) have issues or examples and tutorials we can all reference the same page numbers and associated code.

I hope you find it useful and although its large'ish 17 meg it will fit and open as a pdf of most devices so you can even read it on the train, etc when not connected to the internet, using with Adobe Acrobat and other readers. I haven't had time to check all the external links, so if you find holes let me know and we can try and patch them until its complete.


Malcolm aka @fixedt

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